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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Josie L. Allen!

A Mother’s Day #throwback photo jogged my memory. Judging by the mushroom/bowl hairstyle I’m guessing I was about 11 or 12 years old and we were still living in Detroit.

My mother loved going to this Mother’s Day brunch buffet at a Marriott near her job in the suburbs. We would get all dressed up. It was, by far, the fanciest occasion I’d ever been to. There were flowers, balloons, and beautiful table settings. And most times it would be just us, celebrating her.

She wasn’t ever much into gifts or extravagant displays. What was most important to her was that I understood how much she had sacrificed for me, and that I understood it deeply. And that I would do my part to make sure those sacrifices weren’t in vain, that I would make the most of every opportunity I was given, because every opportunity came at a sacrifice she was always willing to make. She would bet on me every single day, and still does.

And a special Happy Mother’s Day to her crew!, my mother’s best friends who served as godmothers to me. They loved on me, disciplined me, and took care of me like I was their own. My village was strong. Love these women. Janis Vaughn, Millie Logan, Carmelita Didlake, Johnnye Summerville (🙏🏾), Pamela Moore Jackson, Audre Dixon, Suzan Buyck, and Sandy Davis.