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My favorite time of the year is when Rain Williams, a Girl Scout from the Chicago area and the daughter of my sorority sister, calls me in January. Rain calls me every year like clockwork to ask me about my Girl Scout Cookie order.  She updates me on the new flavors and usually always gets me to increase my order.

With the advent of technology and the pandemic, most Girl Scout Cookie orders are made online. And while Rain could easily just have her mom share the link, Rain doesn’t take the easier way out.  She still calls me personally.

Selfishly, it’s also my opportunity to catch up with how her school and extracurricular activities are going.

But I’m also reminded of the important role of the Girl Scouts in our modern age. It teaches presentation skills, entrepreneurship, negotiating skills, and drives a commitment to community.

In her words, Rain mentions, “every purchase of Girl Scout Cookies helps support our local council and Girl Scouting in the Chicago area.” And she recognizes the valuable role selling cookies provides in learning essential life skills like “goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.”

Rain’s troop plans to use their cookie proceeds for an upcoming trip to Savannah, GA.  If you’re interested in supporting Rain, consider supporting her and her troop by purchasing cookies online here.