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A Thrive Global post reminded me that in spite of the current pandemic and so much uncertainty, it’s important to reflect on what we’re thankful for….

Even though I’m going to miss seeing my mom on Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the care she receives. No one is doing this pandemic perfectly. But I’m grateful to health care workers for keeping her healthy and safe.

I’ll miss her cooking. Even though our Thanksgivings were small, she cooked like no tomorrow. Her dressing and macaroni & cheese were banging. And who can forget standing in line to get a Honeybaked Ham.

I’m blessed to have family in the Midwest (shout out to Gary, Indiana!) close to my mother to help care for her because I can’t be close.

And I’m grateful because they also take care of me. And to my godparents, godsisters, godbrothers, and play cousins in Detroit. Thank you for always loving on me.

I’m grateful to my friends. Too many to name. They are the family I’ve built in Washington, DC. I’m independent to a fault sometimes and fully represent what it is to be an only child. But I depend on them more than they probably know.

I’m grateful to my friends and colleagues at the Consumer Technology Association. We are by definition resilient and I continue to be impressed by what we’re building for an all-digital CES for January 2021. Our work and relationships have become stronger in spite of the pandemic.

Special shout out to our Government Affairs and Industry Affairs teams!

I’m grateful to so many really smart people, government leaders, scientists, and health professionals who are making a vaccine a reality sooner than anyone could have imagined.

I’m grateful to my former bosses Rep. Fred Upton and Carlos Gutierrez who continue to be an important political and moral compass for the country.

I’m thankful that my last trip before the pandemic was with Rep. John Lewis across the Edmund Pettus Bridge one last time with Faith and Politics Institute before he went to be with the angels.

I’m grateful to social media because it allows me to keep up with friends (even the ones I disagree with politically), their adorable children and pets, and feel like there’s connection even though we must maintain our distance.

Ultimately, I’m grateful that this pandemic has treated me much more kindly than it should. There are so many people who are struggling with basic needs. If you have an opportunity to help, please make it your mission to.

Some suggestions of organizations I’m grateful for and/or who I know are doing great work in this moment that could use some support are Boys and Girls Club of Greater Washington, the CTA Foundation, and Project Give Back.

And most of all, I’m grateful for mercy in spite of my mistakes and shortcomings. And enlightenment to know and do better.

On a lighter note….I’m grateful for bagels with cream cheese and jam with a side of bacon. This is clearly taking over the #1 spot after the one-egg veggie omelet I’ve perfected during the pandemic.

I’m grateful to outdoor propane heaters, firepits, and electric throws, mostly from Amazon that have extended my backyard and front porch time.

And of course I’m grateful for Peloton (shout out to Alex Toussaint and Ally Love!) for keeping me consistent with a clear mind over these last several months. I’ve been riding since 2017. But Peloton in 2020 made me even more grateful.

Shout out to Black Girl Magic Peloton Edition, Love Squad, and Feel Good Fam for the extra encouragement and motivation.

Oh, I’m grateful to Best Buy for the 5 ⭐️ kitchen appliance consult and installation! My friends wish I would shut up about being able to get water and ice out of the refrigerator door!

Always grateful for any drama produced by NBC’s Dick Wolf, Walking Dead, and Lovecraft Country. Thanks for getting me through!

As a matter of fact, I’m grateful to too many CTA member companies to name that have allowed us to procure what we need to survive during this pandemic with some entertainment to pass the time thrown in for good measure.

Thanks to everyone listening and indulging me. Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!