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The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® ­– owner and producer of CES® –announced it will invest in MaC Venture Capital as part of  CTA’s $10 million commitment to venture firms and funds that invest in women, people of color and other underrepresented entrepreneurs.

MaC Venture Capital is a seed stage VC firm that invests in talented and uniquely qualified entrepreneurs to create the next generation of technology and consumer products. The firm is led by Marlon Nichols, adjunct at Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business and a board member of Kauffman Fellows Program; Adrian M. Fenty, former mayor of Washington, D.C., and special advisor to Andreessen Horowitz; Mike Palank, an experienced operator and investor with 15 years in tech and media; and Charles D. King, founder & CEO at MACRO, and former partner/agent at William Morris Endeavor.

“We’re thrilled to invest in MaC Venture Capital, which has unlocked opportunities for more than 100 diverse founders in our country,” said Tiffany Moore, SVP, political and industry affairs, CTA. “Data shows that underrepresented founders – including women and people of color – are at a disadvantage, because they don’t have access to funding from investors. CTA is committed to working toward creating change in the VC landscape. Partnering with MaC Venture Capital is another step in furthering that commitment.”