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Growing up, my mom and I believed it was us against the world. But in reality, we were surrounded by family and friends who became family that lightened the load, softened the blows, and loved away some of the bitterness.

It certainly took a village to raise me:-) Some of you joined us to celebrate Josie’s 70th birthday this weekend and so many more of you were there in spirit. Others called, texted, and sent cards. We thank you. 

Mom, you’ve taught me how to survive in any environment. Constantly working on channeling those survival instincts to thrive. 

You’ve taught me the importance of family and friends that become family. We are incredibly fortunate to have our family who support us both every day. And I am blessed to have a circle of friends that have become my family. 

You’ve taught me never to quit. To keep my head down, block the blows, and keep moving forward. I do that everyday and try to do so with humor and grace.

You’ve taught me to always have my own. And to be independent. I live it every day but try and make room to be vulnerable (once in awhile). Most importantly, you’ve taught me to see beyond our circumstances. And I work and live every day to continue to make you proud. 

You are a fighter, the definition of strength and grit. We still have battles to win, sometimes daily. But I love that you won’t go down without a fight. 
Happy birthday. I love you.

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